Lists (by country) of e-bookstores which do NOT use DRM or other encoding
#1  adrianf 06-16-2020, 11:04 PM
Taking into account the Battle of the Giants through encoding of their books (amazon, apple, Noble&Barnes, etc.), so that commoners like us have to choose one single Master, is it not time to start a new forum, in which to update continuously lists, by country or language, or both (e.g., for Switzerland or Belgium or Canada) of competitors to the wannabe monopolists in the book market mentioned above, who, in turn, pledge to offer their books UN-coded for the foreseeable future?
Personally, I am mostly interested in books in English, French and German.
I guess, in the same new forum, different threads should be in different languages.
Thank you for considering this proposal.

#2  pdurrant 06-17-2020, 06:19 AM
This sort of thing is best done in a Wiki. It's so widely applicable, perhaps it should be in Wikipedia, although there'd be a constant battle with the Wikipedia insiders about notability and trusted sources.

But there is a MobileRead Wiki

And we even have a page for ebook stores

And it certainly needs updating to eliminate dead stores (e.g. Fictionwise). And highlighting which use DRM might be useful.

Have at it!

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