#1  Tar 05-27-2020, 01:49 AM
Please consider removing the Google Captcha and/or using a different Captcha provider. It is a real hindrance in posting here.
It doesn't work on the browsers I usually use so I have to open other ones. I'm on a single core CPU so it's very tiring.

Then when using the captcha (when it works), it ALWAYS says "try again" when I select correctly for the first several times. Then after a few failures it accepts my input...

I also know that the captchas are considered a weak measure against spam, even though it does help to an extent.

So please consider a different captcha provider or removal of all of them. Perhaps you could make registration here a more involving process with people having to introduce themselves really properly before being allowed to post? That would maybe solve some problems.
Oh and you already add every post to moderation queue anyway.

Not sure if this is a problem for anyone else, but to me it takes more time to deal with the captcha than write a long post. Ugh.

Now off to the captcha so I can post this.
Yup, took me longer than writing the post and gave me two fails despite perfect input.

#2  DiapDealer 05-27-2020, 06:32 AM
Check the box to have MobileRead remember your login and you won't have to pass the reCaptcha test each and every time you login to post. But the reCaptcha test works for most folks. For many, it's a simple turing-type "I am not a robot" checkbox. Not sure why a few here and there seem to get a more aggressive test (though I suspect geography plays a large part). But the bottom line is that it won't be changing anytime soon. Check the "remember me" box and it will drastically reduce the frustration.

Oh and you already add every post to moderation queue anyway.
Not true. Many new users are able to immediately post without being auto-moderated.

We are a popular target for spammers--both the bot and the human kind. The last wave that got through our automated defenses was a huge PITA for our volunteer moderators to contend with. For that reason, our automated anti-spam measures will continue to be quite aggressive.

#3  Tar 05-28-2020, 06:56 AM
Yea I think after 10 posts captcha no longer appears.
But those were agonising 10 posts!
Still sometimes posts just disappear after being posted, weird.

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