BAR: an absurdist novella 🦆
#1  wemaybeugly 07-24-2020, 04:15 PM
Hello dear friends, strangers, satellites bouncing in space! I wrote a surreal little novella of sorts in between larger writing projects. It’s something like a collection of koans assembled into a love letter to Beckett and Murakami. So far each reader has come away with different questions and conclusions so it seems to be a bit like reading a mirror. It’s currently in Kindle Unlimited. I hope it gives you something you can use:

Here's the amazon description to save you the click in case it doesn't seem to be your particular bucket of lobsters:

> A conversation about space, time, ducks, positions, vending machines, weather, and meaning walks itself in a circle while dreaming about the sea.

Thank you for your time - stay well and be kind to others, to yourselves!

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