Action Leverage, Henry: The White Cipher, (1919) v1, 23 Oct 2022
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"Henry Leverage" was the alias of American pulp writer David Carroll Henry, (later simplified to Carl Henry), born in Kansas in 1879, whose life story is almost buried under the myths and legends he invented about himself. He was a cardsharp and "professional crook" (as he described himself to a judge). He did three years in Sing Sing prison during which he wrote his first big seller, Whispering Wires, made into a movie while he was still inside. Once out, he churned out 15 novels and 114 short stories under three names, became a celebrity, and died in New York in 1931.

(One of his many myths about himself was that he was born in UK, and served in the Air Force against Germany in WW1).

This fanciful adventure yarn shows his lively imagination at work.
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