Mystery and Crime Torrey, Roger: Roger Torrey: Hard-Boiled (v1), 2022
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Roger Torrey (1901-1946) was a prolific writer of crime fiction for magazines like Dime Detective, Black Mask, and Detective Fiction weekly, producing nearly 300 short stories and novellas, and just one novel, 42 Days for Murder (1938).

Torrey in life was as hard-boiled and as heavy a drinker, if not heavier, than his tough guy heroes. He died suddenly from alcoholic poisoning at the age of 45.

This original e-book runs to 150,000 words and 13 stories both short and novelette length.

1: One Escort— Missing or Dead
2: Justice Borrows Bullets
3: Murder By Accident
4: Dice and No Dice
5: Ticket to Death
6: Black Murder
7: Three Dead Men
8: The Frankie and Johnny Murder
9: The Missing Mr. Link
10: Printer's Ink Runs Red
11: The Cemetery Slaying
12: Murder Backstage
13: Two Little Men
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