Kindle for PC: downloaded books not showing up in MY LIBRARY folder
#1  beachboybogart 03-30-2020, 10:31 AM
Using v 1.28 of KINDLE FOR PC, so I can grab books out of the My Library folder and get them into Calibre.

Now these newly-purchased books are not showing as files in the folder. They are appearing INSIDE newly-dated folders, still as .azw files. Copying them into Calibre, they appear with no metadata. That is of course easy to remedy in Calibre.

However, Calibre is telling me they are KFX files and can't be converted... but that was my whole point for using the older version of Kindle for PC.

I do have the latest DRM conversion tools in Calibre.

#2  jhowell 03-30-2020, 10:42 AM
Kindle for PC version 1.28 is the latest one and will not work for importing into calibre.

See this thread for workable options: Dealing with Kindle for PC/Mac 1.19 (and later) and KFX in calibre

#3  beachboybogart 03-30-2020, 10:46 AM
Thanks. My mistake... I had forgotten that Kindle for PC is still in version 1.xx and so when I saw 1.28, I didn't realize it had auto-updated from 1.17.

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