Stub Format/Entries for Physical Books
#1  mneimeyer 03-29-2020, 02:11 PM
Is there an easy way to teach Calibre a new "fake book" format?

I want to have entries for my physical books and I think the cleanest way to do it is to have a .stub file that is just a text file with the Title, Author and ISBN (which I have a database of). I just don't know how to tell Calibre that these are text files... Or does that really matter?

I'd prefer to do it this way because I might have a TXT format already and then they can live side by side. Also, the name cleanly indicates it is a stub entry in the database.

I know I could do this with a .txt file and then Tag them all as "Physical Books" which is what I'll probably do in the long run but I thought I'd ask.


P.S. If there's another format that might work I'm open to suggestions. I'd also considered INI files because those have key,value pairs in them. I'm going to use a script to convert my CSV lines to individual files so I have a lot of flexibility here.

#2  theducks 03-29-2020, 02:59 PM
Just add 'Empty books' (right click the Add Book Icon). You don't need any actual file (Calibre will create a 'cover' and a backup of the metadata in the title folder as normal)

If you have a spreadsheet? Look hard at the Import List Plugin.
Add from ISBN is how I did min with a barcode scanner (that way also fetches a cover if available, just like a regular add)

I als tag mine <In Paper Library>

#3  BetterRed 03-29-2020, 05:24 PM
↑ ↑ ↑ ✔

The Add Empty Book tool has an option to add an empty EPUB, AZW3, DOCX or TXT file.


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