display books in collections, not by title
#1  panda2010 03-29-2020, 10:28 AM
i have just started using calibre and have put all my books into it. i've several series of books in there and i have inputted all the info so all the books are in the correct series, but when i can't seem to find how to display the books in collections rather than by title. all the books have been uploaded to my kindle and it's very easy to create and add books to collections there. can i not get calibre to display by collection? if i want to read a book in calibre on the laptop it would be much easier to just see several collections and then click into find the book i want, rather than have to scroll down a list of a hundred books.

#2  theducks 03-29-2020, 11:05 AM
You appear to be asking 2 different questions (although similar)

1) Kindle: Kindle collections PI only works fully on older models (Reader: Kindle does not tell us much ), but do consider the Metadata Plugboard {series}-{series_index}-{title} -> {title}

2) Calibre: Click the Column TITLE to sort (this is pretty much standard behavior for any program with columns). The arrow indicates the sorting direction. Click again to reverse.

Want Title sorted by Author? First sort by Author, then by Title.
Previous sorts (3) bias the display of later (No you can't force mutually exclusive results)

#3  panda2010 03-29-2020, 11:50 AM
Hi, thanks but that doesn't do what I want.

I want calibre to display my books like this Image .

Not asking how to do this in Kindle, it does this very easy but calibre only seems to display them as a very long list. I've lots of books in calibre for the kids and would be much easier to find what I'm looking for if I didn't have to scroll through a long list.

#4  theducks 03-29-2020, 12:49 PM
Are you using the Content server?
I can move this thread there if you are.
(I don't thing either way can group top level (grid) thumbnails like that)
In Main Calibre, the Grid view does follow the sorts, but it does not 'group'
(not a bad idea )

#5  panda2010 03-29-2020, 02:13 PM
I don't know what you mean by content server, sorry.
I've got calibre grid view set, but that still shows a thumb nail for every book.

#6  Sirtel 03-29-2020, 02:29 PM
You could use virtual libraries (group the books in different virtual libraries based on genres or whatever other criteria you choose) and show them as tabs on top of the library. That's probably the closest you can get.

#7  BetterRed 03-29-2020, 05:20 PM
@Panda2010 - where did your screen shot come from, i.e.device/program? Is it your Kindle?

You should be able to sort in grid view via the right click menu, viz:

show attachment »

I think that's as good as you'll get at the moment.


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