Reference Nightingale, Florence: Notes on Nursing, v1, 17 Oct 2007.
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Florence Nightingale: Notes on Nursing: What It Is, And What It Is Not.
First published 1859. This edition is from 1898.

A practical little book with nursing and sanitary advice that is still relevant today, from a pioneer in nursing theory.

At the time of writing there was a conflict between the miasma theory of disease (in which disease is caused by pockets of foul air) and the theory of infection (now the prevailing theory). Interestingly, Miss Nightingale subscribes to the miasma theory and advises ventilation and hygiene so as to avoid miasma. The theory may be wrong but the advice is good, given that some illness is caused by pollutants, dust-mites or other allergens.

I have added a ToC and picture, and have renumbered and hyperlinked the footnotes. I also converted two tables in the Appendix to text. The main problem with this text was that there were a large number of side-notes which summarised the key points of the text. I tried making them subheadings, but they cluttered the text to unreadability, as did putting them in parentheses. In the end I just cut them out. They can be found in the PG source if anyone wants them.

Strether has already uploaded Lytton Strachey’s ‘Eminent Victorians’ in lrf format. This contains a life of Florence Nightingale.
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