Fantasy Anstey, F.: The Talking Horse and Other Tales. v1. 01 Dec 2021
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A collection of short stories ranging from humorous and whimsical to haunting and thought-provoking. Several announce themselves to be for children, but contain enough bite to be worthy of a read by adults also.

Thomas Anstey Guthrie (8 August 1856 – 10 March 1934) was an English author (writing as F. Anstey), most noted for his comic novel Vice Versa about a boarding-school boy and his father exchanging identities. His reputation was confirmed by The Tinted Venus and many humorous parodies in Punch magazine. Guthrie became an important member of the staff of Punch magazine, in which his “Voces Populi” pieces and his humorous parodies of a reciter’s stock-piece (“Burglar Bill,” etc.) represent his best work. Many of Anstey’s stories have been adapted into theatrical productions and motion pictures.

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