PRS-T1 Questions about repartitioning
#1  simongee 05-12-2012, 06:51 PM
Hey Mobileread!
Long-time lurker, first time poster here...
I want to repartition my internal storage and got a couple of questions, hope u can help me

Before i start, i want to make clear that i read and learned alot about tweaking my T1 thanks to u guys.
So first off a big And another big thanks goes out especially to rupor. LOVE ur work!
Currently im running rupors AMR package with the apps2sd package on top.
The main reason why i want to repartition the internal storage is that i cant move many apps to sd (8gb external sd) with the android-feature and i hate the link2sd crap. Generally im very careful with my gadgets and before i do any changes i make double-sure that i dont make mistakes.
So here it goes:

1. I am not a linux guy. So at first i thought, nah, that repartitioning is not for me, but then i read this in rupors "backup and rescue thread" here:
However, it is possible using commercial software to completely change the size of data and system partitions never typing Linux commands are not entered into the terminal and using the calculator. The whole process takes 5 to 10 minutes and does not require a doctoral degree in yuniksologii and skriptografii. Requires Paragon Partition Manager Pro 11, the common sense and possession of a mouse. In this device is pretty hard to kill ...
I dont speak russian, so i have to follow rupor with the "help" of google-translate... which often gives me headaches btw...
So rupor, if u read this, or somebody else can answer:
Can i use MiniTool Partition Manager or any other free tool to do the job?

2. When repartitioning with a tool, i have to be in recovery mode, right? The easiest way to get there was imo to run the @TestMode tool on the T1 and select "boot to recovery". Maybe im too stupid but i cant start the tool using rupors AMR. Its there, i see it in the android settings, but its not on the page 3, so i cant start it.

3. When repartitioning with a tool, I first shrink the READER partition, then I enlarge the data and system partition as i like, right?

4. Do I have to do a backup first using the method of the thread i mentioned? I dont care about anything on my internal storage, got all books on the sd card. Will the reader still work as before after the job or will the partitions be wiped? Can I install the Sony FW after the job and then re-root? And what about future Sony updates? Will I be able to install them after repartitioning or not?

So thats it i guess, any help is appreciated. I would really like to do it, i just dont feel like i know enough...

#2  rupor 05-12-2012, 07:14 PM
1. I used Paragon Partition Manager 11 on Windows XP running in VirtualBox virtual machine. There 3 things to know - do not touch partitions at the beginning (recovery, uboot, e,t,c), you need enough free space on your READER partition and you have to work one partition at a time starting from the biggest one and making sure operation is committed before doing next one (tool allows you to commit multiple operations in sequence or batch mode - do not use it!)

All necessary partitions (but /system) could be done "in-place" with all data intact in about 5 minutes. If you want to change /system (which is not necessary) - it is ext4 - and tool (despite what is declared) cannot handle it properly, so you have to use tar to save data, delete and create partition and restore.

2. Yes - you have to be in recovery mode with my backup and recovery SD card

3. Yes - you reduce READER partition and than move and enlarge next one e.t. c. There is one additional step - enlarging "extended" partition to which (if my memory does not fail me) data and system are children. Unfortunately I did it some time ago and do not remember all the details - but it was not difficult.

4. I did backup first and had to recover once in the middle of procedure because I was trying to do something tool was not capable of doing. So do backup - it takes several minutes and is easy.

#3  uboot 05-12-2012, 07:15 PM
do you wanna brick your reader with no way back?

have you read this: ?

here's what I did:

I guess, partitioning with external tool like paragon over usb connection as described by rupor is possible, but you should pay attention on proper alignment of the partitions.

that's why I used fdisk via recovery console, which enables one to work sector wise.

also you must not mess up the boot area of the device, including the kernel / initrd partitions (mmcblk2p1 and mmcblk2p2). otherwise there will be no way to access the device anymore. there's a guy on the forum who destroyed his reader this way. irreversibly.

read this thread entirely:

#4  rupor 05-12-2012, 07:17 PM
All tools I looked at produced after some date do proper partition alignment - in Paragon 11 it is default mode and could be set in options

#5  uboot 05-12-2012, 07:22 PM
but which block size does it align to?

on the reader, it should be 64*512 Bytes if I remember correctly...

#6  rupor 05-12-2012, 07:25 PM
For all PC hard drives smaller than 2TB default sector size is 512 bytes. Only after disks went over this size manufacturers agreed to switch to 4096 Bytes. Those tools know about it - I did verified it before and after each operation with calculator (tool provides enough information ) resulting numbers where divisible by 64 and some small amount of "unused" space was left before or after each "new" partition if necessary.

I do agree with you however - reading info you pointed is a MUST!

#7  uboot 05-13-2012, 06:46 AM
Improper alignment won't break anything.

The deal with alignment and flash memory is, that the partition alignment must match the block size of the flash memory, otherwise write access becomes very slow.

As long as the tool aligns to something divisible by 64, everything should be ok.

#8  multiprose 05-14-2012, 05:36 AM
don't try the linux instructions on how to partition. instructions aren't concise or comprehensive. you'd have to read a bunch of different posts in order to find your way, and in the end still probably mess up -.- true story lol.

aside from using the test mode app, you can boot into recovery mode by holding home + menu until the bar reaches the right.

i personally used acronis true image to repartition. back up the entire disk first. this makes it easier as you don't have to work with the limitations of not being able to resize the data partition since its ext3. my memory is blury but i think what i did was delete system and data, created a new blank ext3 partition with size of my choosing and then simply restored the data partition on top of the blank. then restored system to the remaining free space.

#9  simongee 05-14-2012, 07:39 AM
Thank you for your answers!

I downloaded Paragon Partition Manager 11 Free Edition. Is there any advantage using that tool over MiniTool Partition Manager?

do you wanna brick your reader with no way back?
Noo! That’s why i made this thread! And yes, I read all the threads u mentioned and check the wiki on a regular basis. Thanks for setting it up and keeping it nice and tidy btw
As I said, im a very careful type of guy when it comes to modding my stuff, so I ask first… If I get confident enough to do this I also plan on adding a how-to to the wiki, so other non-linux-guys can repartition their device, too…

So here is what I gathered from your posts and what my plan is now, please correct me if I screwed up somewhere:

0.1 delete all apps and stuff from internal.
0.2 do the disable-asec package from rupor to uninstall the app2sd android feature. (won’t need it after repartitioning)
0.3 use boroda’s recovery pack to go back to stock and unroot
0.4 do factory reset to clean up everything
0.5 install latest rupor AMR package

1. go to recovery using the rupors backup and recovery SD card. (copy files to sd card, reboot + holding home + menu until the bar reaches the right)
2. plug in usb, choose NOT to format if windows prompts me , install drivers (gserial.inf)
3. backup the whole internal memory using the tool rupor used in his thread (Roadkil's Disk Image)
4. shrink the READER partition

Now im not sure anymore:
5. enlarge the /data partition (I plan to have it around 500MB). I see no point in enlarging /system.
- rupor and multiprose posted something about /system and /data being connected in some way, or not being resizeable? So I can’t simply enlarge the partition like I would do with a fat32/ntfs partition?
delete system and data, created a new blank ext3 partition with size of my choosing and then simply restored the data partition on top of the blank. then restored system to the remaining free space.
So that’s how to do it? If so, next question comes to my mind. Rupor’s tool backs up everything at once resulting in one image, right? So I can’t restore individual parts of it. So I do it like this:
5.(?) delete /data (and /system partition (I have to delete both?)).
6.(?) make new, bigger /data partition (ext4) (and new /system partition (ext2)) -> according to the picture from rupor i attached... I plan /data to be around 500MB and would not touch /system if I don't have to...
7.(?) restore image created in step 3
8. disconnect usb. remove sd card. reboot. done

#10  rupor 05-14-2012, 09:30 AM
Quote simongee
Thank you for your answers!
I downloaded Paragon Partition Manager 11 Free Edition. Is there any advantage using that tool over MiniTool Partition Manager?
I do not know - I simply had Partition Manager 11 (and not the free one) handly at the moment.

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