Help! Nova 2 forcing justified alingment
#1  SoZo 05-30-2020, 01:15 AM
I have searched high and low for any information on this and the lack of discussion anywhere on the web is infuriating. Does this not bother anyone else? I can't be the only one.

No matter what I do I can't seem to get around the Nova 2's native reading app forcing justified alignment. All my books have text-align: left; in them I even added !important which theoretically should work from a purely CSS perspective.

Please! What am I missing?

#2  ottischwenk 05-30-2020, 07:14 AM
Quote SoZo
What am I missing?
Nothing - it isnt possible.

#3  rowe 05-30-2020, 12:11 PM
It is a ridiculous omission. I use Moonreader instead.

#4  ottischwenk 05-30-2020, 02:39 PM
Quote rowe
I use Moonreader instead.
Can you use there the pen?

#5  rowe 05-30-2020, 05:40 PM
I don’t think so, I never use the stylus

#6  tdmsu 06-02-2020, 07:51 AM
I've used the pen to underline in Moonreader without any problems.

#7  bongio 06-09-2020, 08:58 AM
Unfortunately NeoReader lacks A LOT of really basic features. I really tried to like it, but eventually I switched to KoReader.

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