Sony Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1 - the Ipod killer?
#1  Colin Dunstan 05-12-2004, 03:59 PM
My second post on a new Sony gadget today. Sony deserves my respect, therefore I decide to name it the most innovative company of the day
The VGF-AP1 features a 20Gb harddrive and is capable of displaying digital photos through its 2.2 inch 320x256 color LCD display. Digital cameras may connect via USB to the player's cradle to transfer images.

With its body of features, the Sony VAIO Pocket VGF-AP1 weighs in at 195g with a USB 2.0 interface. Sony claims maximum of 20 hours of battery life.

Sony has developed a unique input button grid dubbed "G-Sense." G-Sense offers up touchpad navigation where users scroll through a list of files simply by gesturing their finger toward their selection. The selected song is played by the click of a button.

The VAIO Pocket VGF-AP1 is capable of playing MP3, WMA and WAV audio, but, alas, first converts the formats to ATRAC3.

To me the VGF-AP1 doesn't look that hot with the dark grey case, but who knows, maybe Sony will offer other designs as well.

#2  sUnShInE 05-13-2004, 09:05 AM
You're right -- Sony does offer you a slice for all the props you're giving them today.

As for "iPod killer"... I gotta say, there's so many co's who are trying so very hard to get into the mp3 market and each time a product is unveiled or discussed, the word "iPod" comes up. This only proves how much Apple has grabbed the market with their brand.

As an iPod owner (1G, kickin' it old skool stylee ), I find the whole thing really amusing. I didn't get the thing for the "cool factor". It's really a great little device -- and one of my closest friends (I honestly believe we have a psychic bond. It knows what I'm in the mood for and plays it. Seriously.). Sure, the battery is troubling. I charge it everyday and it does fine. Ok, I am often worried about when and if the hard drive will kick it. But it's small enough to fit in my pocket, and it hasn't failed me yet.

Will some other device that's lingering out there take my pod's place when it dies? I hope so. I have 10 gigs of music that needs a good home. Do I want something that will cook my eggs, download news, and do 1k other functions? No. I just want a decent, pocket-sized, reliable mp3 player with a boat-load of storage space. I think this is the point that alot of these competitors miss.

#3  Alexander Turcic 05-17-2004, 09:33 AM
Found some insider information over at Gizmodo:
I saw and played with the VAIO Pocket yesterday. The navigation is passable at best. Those bumps on the right of the screen rapidly open and close menus as you run your finger across them, then if you can get it to land on the selection you want, you press down on the tiny buttons--yes those bumps are little, rubber-coated buttons. The screen is nice and is the best thing going for it. It won't play video, but you can use it to view digital photos. That big bump you see extending from the top and bottom on the right side is the non-replaceable rechargeable battery. It puts all the weight of the unit at that one end. It's like if you took a D-cell battery and attached it to an iPod--not exactly pocket-friendly. It includes a charging dock, which you absolutely need to charge it according to the rep I spoke with--there's no way to connect a cable directly to it for charging. They also showed off a prototype PVP that's identical to the Pocket but slightly larger that will wirelessly connect to your desktop for transfering video, and then you can wirelessly send the video to your TV.

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