Mom gets the Kobo tomorrow
#1  ficbot 05-07-2010, 12:40 AM
My total tech newbie mother is getting my Kobo tomorrow. She has just retired (today!) and I am giving her the Kobo (if she wants it) as a mother's day present. She has said in the past that she didn't see the point of ebook readers, that she could always find a paper book to read etc. But my stepfather really wants one and I think she is coming around, because when I told her she could borrow the Kobo (and keep it if she wants to) she said okay, and she has started to ask a few questions about what to do 'when' she finishes whatever books I pre-load, and if I could set up the computer so she could buy new ones. And when I told her I had a case for it that was pink, she asked about where she could get something more 'suitable.' So I think she is developing a little more interest! I have heard some great stories about people's first look at the Kobo, how it really seemed like a book to people and how people who never picked up an ebook reader before were interested. So I hope this could be a fun thing for Mom. If she doesn't like it, she has said she will give it back to me but I really hope she does decide she enjoys it. She does not read at my pace (maybe one book a month) but she may read more now that she is retired...

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