Dell Axim X50 embraces Linux
#1  Alexander Turcic 06-15-2005, 05:42 AM
Who would have thought that my Dell Axim might run Linux before PalmSource manages to bring its first Cobalt devices on the market. Thanks to Aximsite for a pointer to the following Slashdot entry: The guys at have managed to boot the linux kernel on a Dell Axim X50 handheld, the project is at alpha stages, you can grab a copy of the from from or"

A further look at reveals:
6-14-2005 First Linux booting on DELL X50. We finally succedeed. The serial output of this alpha kernel version is available here. For this testing kernel, you can get output through serial cable only. After the penguin appeared for about 20 seconds, you can see some kernel mssages at the LCD (that means the framebuffer driver works), but the font is too small, so they can't be recognised. and then it stops there. That's not a problem, making GUI work is more and more easier than making kernel work I just tested it one my x50 (416) machine, so I don't know if it will also works on x50 (512) or x50v. If you have tested it, please tell me :P The necessary files can be downloaded here: haret.exe zImagex30s default.txt initrd NOTE: This kernel version is just for debugging, you can't see GUI at this time . And it will destroy all your data in ram, so make sure you have backed up you data. Make a copy of your rom image is also recommended, it is safe on my machine, but I am not so sure if it will be on yours.

#2  Colin Dunstan 06-15-2005, 05:46 AM
Interesting. That link to the site also contains a lot of inside information on the hardware being used in the X50. Very interesting if you like to fool around with hardware ingredients

#3  huozhe0930 01-07-2010, 03:59 PM
Good job. How can I get the new version?

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