Instructions for patching firmware 4.24.15676
#1  geek1011 09-24-2020, 11:13 PM
This patch thread is for firmware 4.24.15676 (6d5b40694352d819d02f75284a96145c93315ae7):

Instructions for patching on Windows, Linux, or macOS with kobopatch:
  1. Download the Kobo firmware release
    You can find the download links here here.
  2. Download and extract the patch zip
    Download and unzip from here.
  3. Copy the firmware file to the src folder
    Copy the original firmware you just downloaded into the kobopatch src folder.
  4. Install the firmware if needed
    Install the firmware on your kobo BEFORE proceeding with the next steps. You can do this by extracting the contents of the firmware zip into the .kobo folder and ejecting.
  5. Choose your patches from the files in the src folder
    Enable patches in the files in the src folder (or use the overrides in kobopatch.yaml to keep your options separate).
  6. Run kobopatch
    Double-click kobopatch.bat on Windows, or run ./ on Linux or macOS. On macOS, you can drag it into the terminal and press enter (you may need to go to System Preferences - Security and Privacy - General to confirm that you actually want to run it).
  7. Install the patches by copying KoboRoot.tgz into the .kobo folder of your device
    If the patching succeeded, a file named KoboRoot.tgz will be created in the out folder. Copy it to the .kobo folder of your device. Safely remove your device once you are finished. On Linux, you may have to press Ctrl+H to show the .kobo folder.

#2  geek1011 09-24-2020, 11:13 PM
Changes to the kobopatch zip:
v69 (2020-11-10): Fixes for "Dictionary text font-family/font-size/line-height" (jackie_w).
v68 (2020-09-24): Initial release for 4.24.15676.

Missing patches:
- None!

Notes about this firmware version:
- This firmware version is identical to 4.24.15672 other than some minor fixes.
- See the next post.

New patches in this version:
- See the next post.

#3  geek1011 09-24-2020, 11:14 PM
From 4.24.15672:

Quote geek1011
Changes to the kobopatch zip:
v67 (2020-09-24): Initial release for 4.24.15672.

Missing patches:
- None!

Notes about this firmware version:
- Custom dictionaries are now properly supported by the firmware (the "Extra: " space bug and the override bugs have been fixed).
- I (geek1011) will be updating dictutil for the major dictionary changes made in this release later this week.
- See here for some more general information about this release.
- See here for information about the dictionary changes in this version.

New patches in this version:
- geek1011: Change TOC level indentation

Notes about patches in this version:
- See here:

Removed patches in this version:
- GeoffR: Allow searches on Extra dictionaries (not needed anymore, see the notes above)
- geek1011: Increase TOC level indentation (fix is now included in the firmware)
- geek1011: Increase TOC level indentation and fix extra indentation bug (fix is now included in the firmware)
- geek1011: Increase page navigation history (the firmware has changed too much, I might rewrite this from scratch later)

#4  Phil_C 09-24-2020, 11:52 PM
Thanks for the second update today. Much appreciated!

#5  Terisa de morgan 09-25-2020, 02:49 AM
Thank you very much!

#6  jackie_w 09-25-2020, 09:39 AM
As fw 4.24.15672 was so short-lived I should probably repeat my previous message here:

Quote jackie_w
Attention users of patch Dictionary text font-family/font-size/line-height in ...

Please note that I needed to make some changes because of dictionary code Kobo have added/removed - presumably related to the new dictonaries they are due to release in October.

If you have a saved customised version of this patch you will need to update it.

The fix should work for now but it may well need to be updated again once I have seen the new dictionaries.

#7  IanScuffling 09-25-2020, 11:32 AM
Amazing work! You two are fantastic.

#8  mzel 09-25-2020, 09:52 PM
Thanks a lot for a prompt update!

#9  Poppaea 09-26-2020, 11:52 AM
Thank you very much! You are fast as lightning!

Now having installed and patched a new firmware yesterday and an ever newer firmware today I do feel like a seasoned patcher

#10  Ripplinger 09-26-2020, 01:41 PM
Is there any way or any possibility of removing "Discover" from the bottom of the new home screen?

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