Need Help:Hanvon N510 Openinkpot Installation Failure
#1  booky1256 04-21-2013, 08:42 AM
Hello everybody

As the title stated, my N510 is unusable now after following the installation guideline of OpenInkPot 0.2.2

I have tried several times following the guideline.
I believe I didn't encounter any problems in the process of flashing, except some returned messages said something about bad blocks, all other messages seemed to be well as far as I can remember

My main concern is that, does my N510 fall into "the new version" which the procedure doesn't work?

The status of my N510 now is that after finishing installation and reset, the LED light is constant blue and there is nothing in the screen, and I can't shut it down.

I need solutions, hope you guys can give me some.

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