Looking for a Gadget bag
#1  Kosst Amojan 02-05-2008, 05:21 PM
Like most of you, I have all this stuff that I want to take with me but it's frustrating to do so. I have a Reader, Ipod, cell phone, Nintendo DS, wallet, keys...usually a p-book, a magazine/newspaper, a few papers. Y'all get my point. Of course I have a briefcase but just dumping all my stuff in there just turns it into a glorified man-purse and I hate disorganization.

I've seen a few good bag online but most of them have either one of two things I want to avoid: I like the style of a messenger bag but not the huge flap, a smaller flap or zipper would be better for me so I can use just one hand to access things (the other is usually holding on to a rail in the Metro). The other thing I'd like to avoid are notebook bags, I have an overclocked, watercooled monster at home, I don't want a laptop and a bag made for one just gets me the big empty space I wanted to avoid.

If y'all can tell me what you have or point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.

#2  Egghead 02-05-2008, 05:42 PM

I have one of their original metro bags, which is a very decent size for me.

#3  Kosst Amojan 02-05-2008, 05:58 PM
Looks nice but they still have that annoying huge flap and the one large compartment that's just waiting to crush my things.

#4  mores 02-05-2008, 06:10 PM
if it's good enough for Jack Bauer, it's good enough for you:

#5  Gideon 02-05-2008, 08:27 PM
I actually have one of those Andrew Christian (Jack bauer) bags.

It's great. But not for gadgets. You need something with a bit more protection to use it for anything but a standard bag. I keep my macbook in a padded sleeve when I use it, and my PSP in a very solid case.

Keep us updated on your search for a gadget bag... I'd love one, too.

#6  Kosst Amojan 02-06-2008, 01:46 AM
I will, I've found one called, ironically enough, the Gadget Bag. Problem is it literally comes apart so you can take certain sections with you...I don't want that. It's a thinkgeek though if you want to take a look.

#7  ProfJulie 02-06-2008, 12:21 PM
This looks nice:

Tumi T-Tech Zip Flow Zip Pouch: u=41712&view=Axlrg&sub_site_ID=0&TMI_PD_Link=Detai lShot

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