Completely new, no idea what to buy.
#11  kontinos 08-14-2019, 03:33 PM
Ok, i think i have some tips, after a lot of reading and going through several threads of forums, and having decided to get the inkpad 3, i can tell you this, for a newcomer in the ereader community:

1. Start out with the screen size. Cut out some newspaper or cardboard in the sizes of the screens available and decide, if you cant see a device in a shop live.
2. Be clear about where you will get your ebooks from and how/if your new device can handle them in the format you attain them.
3. If you think you can convert those files for the device you opt for, research first if it is doable, and also try out the respective software to see if you are comfortable with it, not everyone can use everything with ease (most use calibre).
4. Don't neglect to get a case/cover for your ereader's protection, you will regret it. Think about if you want it to have sleep option on covering of the device and if you need it.
5. Prioritize your needs. The ereader you chose can be waterproof, have text-to-speech, bluetooth connection, have an integrated light, be able to take notes with a pen on it, be able to sync with whatever device you want, have a "pure" ereader ui or be android so you can use apps, where will you get those apps from? It is up to you, just try to know what you need.
6. Consider the screen size again. Is it suitable for what you will use it? You cant read comics on a 6" device, also there are no colours. Is it right for you?
7. Think about the cost. You have never owned an ereader before, might never have seen one, however you have chosen your dream device, but it costs 210euros, and the cheapest models cost like 70euros. Will you risk dishing out that cash for a device you IMAGINE is perfect for you but might disappoint you? Or are you willing to compromise with the cheapest model to get a glance at what those ereaders are, and after that decide if you want to make the big step? Do i need it now or can i wait for a discount?
8. Last, but not least, think about everything you would think about every device. How the guarantee is, the return policy of your retailer, after sales etc.

There are like "tons" of other questions i needed to answer for my decision, but with this baseline i think i made the right choice.

#12  4691mls 08-16-2019, 09:59 AM
If you want to be able to read library ebooks on your device, check with your library to find out what system they use and what devices will work with it.

If you post in this forum to ask for help choosing an ereader, INCLUDE YOUR LOCATION since not all devices are available in all countries.

#13  hcdoro 08-18-2019, 09:03 PM
I am also consider on the eink tablet reader, may be 10", as I use the samsung galaxy note for read but there were not good for my eye now. I am review on likebook mimas, likebook alita, oxyn note pro, epad whereas the competitive capacity. My question is:
- as the Samsung galaxy note, there were an app is write on pdf, I really enjoy with that. I wonder the eink can install that for for read and write or not
- how often those update the firmware
- which is the best for eye sight flush for long reading period

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