Moon+ Reader Pro bluetooth and network library features
#1  stjoe 06-29-2019, 08:30 AM
I have been using FBReader for main reader app, however it does not support bluetooth as page turner.

I read Moon+ Reader Pro has support for bluetooth page turner, before I pay for pro version, would like to know from current Moon+ Reader Pro users:

1. Does it support using bluetooth headset volume control as page turner?

2. Does it have network library like FBReader? By network library, I mean I can upload ebooks from one device (e.g. my android phone) and then from my other device (e.g. ereader) I can see all the ebooks available on my network library and can choose to download ebooks I want to read on my ereader.

This network library is important feature for me as my current workflow:
1. I have full Calibre library on my SD card on my android phone.
2. I use CalibreCompanion to browse and choose which ebooks I want to download and read on my android phone, I set the folder where CC downloads the ebooks to be FBReader local library folder.
3. Once the ebooks are in FBReader local library folder, FBReader will automatically upload those ebooks to FBReader network library.
4. Then from my other device (ereader) which also has FBReader app, I can open FBReader network library to download the ebooks and read as local ebooks.

Thank you.

#2  relativize 07-13-2019, 07:12 AM
For the first question, can you turn the page with the volume controls of a bluetooth headset.

I normally use a simple bluetooth multimedia controller, like this one: %91&crid=34RDWI3YVHPIY&keywords=bluetooth+multimed ia+remote&qid=1563012289&s=gateway&sprefix=blueeto ot+multimedia+%2Caps%2C318&sr=8-6

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