The Imminent Departure of iTunes into the Dustbin of History.
#11  pwalker8 06-05-2019, 10:48 AM
Apple split up the functionality of iTunes on the iPhone and iPad several years ago, so really they are bringing the Mac in line with the iDevices. There are advantages and disadvantages both ways. As far as I can tell, they haven't really removed any obvious functionality in the split up. You can still have a local library. Of course, the splitting up of iTunes is something that has been ongoing for several releases. Books and podcast were split off some time ago. This release splits off video and audio books from the music.

I maintain all my music, movies and audiobooks in my local library on my main desktop Mac. I have a large drobo raid that I use for that purpose. On my macbook pro laptop, I tend to leave most of the media in iCloud to save disk space. On my iPhone, I keep certain playlists and media downloaded so I can listen even if I'm in a internet dead spot.

For the most part, bringing the Mac in line with the iDevices makes a lot of sense. Being an audiobook listener, the fact that the mac and iDevices handled audiobooks differently was a source of frustration for me.

#12  OtinG 06-05-2019, 12:30 PM
I say good riddance to the single app called iTunes that morphed into something way more involved than just serving up music. iTunes always suggested a "music" oriented app, yet over the years it also included podcasts, movies, videos, books, etc, and was the main tool for backing up and editing your iOS devices via a Mac (or Windows PC). It clearly makes sense to me to pull out those different tools into useful apps of their own. The worst thing about iTunes though, was not just the clutter but the bugs and clunky, kluge interface that blew chunks. I first started using iTunes with an iPod Touch way back with the gen 1, but I didn't have a Mac back then so I installed it on a Windows PC. iTunes was total garbage back then, and it rarely worked well on the PC. I'm sure they worked out the bugs a bit over the years, but what garbage it was. It never really improved enough to endear me to it, even after I got a Mac. So good riddance. May they bury its worthless bones in the Apple cemetery between Cyberdog and the Apple III.

#13  OtinG 06-05-2019, 12:36 PM
And BTW, for those of you who use Wine, be aware that Wine only supports 32 bit apps. So beginning with Catalina, Wine wrapped apps won't work, unless Wine gets an update. I'm already seeing issues with some of my Wine wrapped apps with the latest Mojave updates.

#14  Dylrob 06-05-2019, 01:48 PM
Quote pwalker8
Apple split up the functionality of iTunes on the iPhone and iPad several years ago,
To be more accurate, they were never completely together. iPhone had the iTunes Store and an "iPod" app. IIRC it was further split on the iPod touch, from the start, into the Music and Video apps we're familiar with today. I know for sure that the iPad had separate apps from its launch. The iPod app was dropped in iOS 5 to make the iPhone more consistent with the rest of the iOS line. Then finally Podcasts were split off from music in iOS 6.

#15  FrustratedReader 06-05-2019, 02:46 PM
Quote OtinG
And BTW, for those of you who use Wine, be aware that Wine only supports 32 bit apps.
Wine supports 32 & 64 bit programs on 64 bit Linux. Not only that, but in some cases if you don't set some environment variables, you ONLY get 64 bit application support. Unless you are talking about the totally broken MS concept of programs designed to run on the non-existent MS Phone as well as on surface and Desktop via tiles except of course there are two incompatible Surfaces (x86 family and ARM family). Almost all the phone models were ARM, because Intel never mastered low power at decent performance. The Atoms are mostly garbage and even deliberately crippled too with most of the 64bit ones physically limited to 2G RAM hence running 32 bit Win10, though 64 bit Linux is fine on them if. Some have 32 bit EFI which complicates 64 bit install.

There are almost no useful MS so called "Apps" anything useful is either an x86 or an x86-64 "program." The whole thing too of listing them separately on the Start menu is also nuts.

I'm only interested in Windows programs or legacy Applications with no Linux alternative, not Redmond's Kool-Aid fuelled absurd nonsense designed for the dead Windows Phone. It's a surprise to me if the tile based nonsense works at all on WINE and I can't think of a single one worth having. It's crazy the junk you can't now uninstall on Windows.

#16  Plumadona 06-05-2019, 02:51 PM
I’m not too worried about Music replacing iTunes, but I am worried about the OS Catalina that all the new stuff will come packaged in. I still use an old version of Kindle for Mac on my MacBook Pro to enable the liberation of my ebooks thanks to Apprentice Alf. The newer versions of the Kindle app make that difficult at best, which will make for a lot of problems if the old Kindle app can’t run under the new OS, which is likely. My MacBook is a few years old and running El Capitan and presents no problems with my iPhone 8, but will future phone updates kill that when support for iTunes disappears? Lord knows the updates never end as is.

I’ve been a happy Apple camper for nearly 20 years, and still prefer it to the alternative, but it seems they just make things more and more difficult these days. Just MHO.

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