PRS-T1 Bugs or faulty?
#1  Quoth 05-18-2019, 07:22 AM
The Highlight/Annotation only sometimes works. Often only a single word selected and then it seems to freeze.

I thought at first maybe it was a nearly dead battery, but the stripey symbol means fully charged and mostly it's fine simply reading.

I've done a Factory reset (previous owner simply deleted files). Updated from to using a Win7 PC, stupid that it's a Windows self-extrator exe that then runs a windows program.

I thought it was crashing / freezing most times on trying to highlight and add note, but if you wait for about a minute it recovers.

I'm also thinking it isn't recognised as a T1 in Calibre, but as an older reader.

#2  Quoth 05-18-2019, 01:31 PM
Seems to have been something to do with the dictionary. It seemed to freeze if selected direct. Eventually the text typed would appear. It also seemed to freeze selecting American ( I reset in the end) and then going back to British.
However after doing a few look-ups on the British one it then seemed fine. Now in a book the highlight works and the dictionary appears (with "not found" if a sentence is selected). Seems odd.

Davidfor thinks it is being recognised as a PRS-T1 in Calibre and it's just the PRS-T1 notes plugin is now incompatible with Calibre. Unfortunately.

The first line paragraph indent seems a little larger than the other ePub readers, that seemed so for my PRS350 too.

Battery does seem good.

#3  Quoth 05-19-2019, 07:23 AM
I see there is a discussion about Partition Resizing to cure Dictionary Freezing. It does eventually respond.

Selecting En-Fr was very reliable until I connected to Win7 to see if FW can only be installed if it's not already updated (true). Then the dictionary was "freezing" again (if you wait long enough the Reader does recover). I selected UK English, it froze and after 2 min was not responding so I reset. It was still actually on En-Fr and now not freezing.

I'll see what happens when reconnecting to Calibre on Linux. The text annotations seem to be in the database and alleged accessible either via a perl script on Linux or using SQLite GUI tool. I've not tried, but makes me wonder why the Calibre PRS-T1 notes plugin no longer works or why none of the other Calibre Annotation fetching tools work.

So the "freezing" (recovers eventually) on a direct dictionary lookup or attempting highlight is strange, and while it may be cured by "repartitioning", I think that's likely a side-effect and the bug is something more subtle.

It's a very nice screen though lower resolution than newer Readers. Apart from the mysterious dictionary bug it's pretty nice and not much different GUI to the older PRS350 which is lovely pocket sized. Someone ought to make something like that, maybe with the 5" eink on one side and an LCD phone on the other, about size and thickness of an A6 notebook. Fit suit pockets, jeans and handbags nicely. There was a Russian phone with eink on rear, interesting idea but a fail. A two part with hinge to allow fold 3 way is better.

#4  4691mls 05-20-2019, 06:34 PM
I used a T1 for several years. Eventually it developed the dictionary lockup problem. I'm not a techie so I did not attempt any fixes.

After changes to the Overdrive library made it no longer possible to get library books directly on the PRS-T1 I switched to a PRS-T3.

I've been using the T3 for a couple years now and it hardly ever locks up. From what I've read on these forums the T2 is also pretty reliable. If you like Sonys maybe you can find a used T2 or T3.

#5  Hemmi 05-21-2019, 09:14 AM
Yes, my T1 was pretty buggy too. Had to reboot any time I deleted a book because it would lock. Been using my T2 as my main reader for a while and it's just like the T1 but no bugs.

#6  Quoth 06-13-2019, 11:22 AM
I've struggled with this T1 for a while. It would seem fine, then one of:
* Freeze when opening a book
* Suddenly go flat. The battery meter would go back to full in less than a minute (if viewed by quickly unplugging charger after boot), otherwise always shows full when disconnected.
* Freeze when opening a dictionary or highlighting.

It might be fine for a day or two after "reset", even dictionary working.

Fortunately it "froze" on attempting to highlight back at CEX's counter and they refunded after checking there was no physical damage. They wanted to offer a "replacement". I resisted laughing.

I think I'll avoid the T1, maybe pickup a T2 if I see a bargain one.

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