Mystery and Crime Mann, Jack: The Glass Too Many (1940), v1
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Jack Mann is a pseudonym used by British fantasy author Charles Henry Cannell (1882-1947) for a series of novels featuring "Gees", an occult private detective, of which this is the 7th, first published in 1940. The novels are:

1 Gees' First Case 1936
2 Grey Shapes 1937
3 Nightmare Farm 1937
4 The Kleinert Case 1938
5 Maker of Shadows 1938
6 The Ninth Life 1939
7 The Glass Too Many 1940
8 Her Ways are Death 1940

(All 8 are now in this Library, as this book completes the set.)

Cannell's best-known pseudonym is E. Charles Vivian, under which name he published many fantasy novels and stories between 1907 and his death in 1947. He also wrote westerns as by Barry Lynd, and is believed to have published under several other, now lost, pseudonyms.

Gees is hired to discover who might be poisoning a British lord. He has started to tremble and shake uncontrollably just like a parlor maid had weeks earlier. Five weeks after her tremors she attacked another maid in a homicidal rage and was sent off to an asylum. As part of his investigations Gees, along with young Claire, discover an underground altar where very recently someone had been burning hallucinogenic herbs as part of a ritual to "the Unnamed."
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