Amazon Prime as alternative/supplement to Audible
#1  HermesPan 01-29-2019, 07:22 AM
* to be precise.

I paid for a subscription to Amazon's express shipping. I think it was CAD 60 per year. Maybe 90. In any case, Amazon keeps sending me frantic announcements that I am not using what I paid for. Apparently, I get 'free' streaming audio as a perk. I presumed this would be only music, but maybe I am wrong and it includes books.

Anyone who has used or is using Amazon Prime streaming audio please offer your experiences. I'd like to figure out how to use both paid services in conjunction. Perhaps one can sensibly use both for maximum benefit and good value.

#2  haertig 01-29-2019, 11:19 AM
Well, if Amazon Prime streams audiobooks, and if they stream them like they stream music, expect that you will just start to get into your audiobook and out comes an announcement: "We hope you enjoyed your sample, but if you want to hear the rest of it, you need to pay us and join Music Unlimited".

The reason Amazon sends frantic announcements that you are not using Prime to its fullest, is so that you'll use Prime and get to hear additional frantic announcements that you'd be much better off paying for Music Unlimited instead.

#3  badgoodDeb 01-31-2019, 03:32 PM
Check the thread for "free/bargains in Audiobooks". The free-for-a-month Amazon Prime audio streams are often mentioned there. That way you know what's available. I listened to their Dickens Christmas Carol a year ago, but haven't used it other than that.

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