Comparing Scribd and Audible
#1  HermesPan 01-29-2019, 06:43 AM
Cut to the chase - I have used both but after 5 months cancelled Scribd. Why? Scribd broke my only non-negotiable: they not only as a matter of policy do not do what I needed, they wouldn't comply even when I asked - *sending an email every time my bank card is billed.* also, while Scribd has plenty of a-books the very best scholarly and top creative writers are more likely to be found at Audible (sometimes even exclusively). If you just want quantity Scribd is good. But I am fussy about what I read, and I find that for my tastes Audible is better. Another major difference is that I get to keep all my Audible books (with Scribd you don't unless you stay hooked on the teet). I find the software works better on Audible and a detail of making highlights and notes (I forget precisely, but it was significant for this obsessive note taker and questioner of author's conclusions) I prefer Audible. Scribd is too much like Kindle Unlimited - neither for me are suitable.

#2  Lparsons21 01-29-2019, 02:00 PM
I’ve used both too and kept Scribd because it has plenty of what I want to read or here and owning books isn’t a big deal for me. Plus I read a lot, much more than listen and the cost of Audible just is too high for my needs.

That said, both services are excellent.

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