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#41  orangpelupa 06-13-2019, 01:40 AM
i keep getting ghost touch. feels like a hardware defect as i can fix it by turning it to standby, then rubbing the screen with hand. then turning it on again.

#42  orangpelupa 06-14-2019, 05:21 AM
it seems inkbook explore = chinese iReader Plus

if we look at this

both devices are evk_6sl_r6801

can we use iRead's firmware on inkbook explore?

#43  orangpelupa 06-14-2019, 08:04 PM
Anyone able to run inkbook explore with ART?

It's on the developer option. Mine will not respond after a few minutes idle in home screen

#44  carltonbp 06-14-2019, 08:31 PM
That's taken a while for you to get it. Better late than never.

Sounds like the screen cover registering as a press. iirc in developer mode there's an option for each press to show a response, sorry I don't know how best to explain but every time you press there's a visual response where you pressed to show that you pressed. Perhaps turn this on and it might show where the issue is on the screen?

Ireader plus doesn't have buttons plus this is inkbooks new software so I'd be wary. Smaller screen too.

I have no idea what art is.

When I emailed inkbook about my issues they were very helpful. They couldn't solve the font size issue and the backlight issue solved itself but they were proactive.

I've bought a bluetooth remote, you never know it might work.

#45  orangpelupa 06-15-2019, 12:52 AM
Yes it shows random touches all over the screen.

ART is in the developer option. It should gives 10-20% performance boost.

How do you contact arta tech?

#46  carltonbp 06-18-2019, 10:33 AM
Quote orangpelupa
Yes it shows random touches all over the screen.

ART is in the developer option. It should gives 10-20% performance boost.

How do you contact arta tech?

Weird I can't find ART in developer options. You're definitely sounds like there's an issue. Bad news is everywhere now seems sold out of this.

Contact form at bottom of support page

#47  carltonbp 06-19-2019, 12:01 PM
FBreader - page refresh? where on earth is it?

I got the page turn working. But the page doesn't refresh and some books the font won't change. But it's another option thanks.

I tried inkbooks recommendations:
Youboox just crashes
Skoobe wants you to register so I didn't bother.

#48  carltonbp 06-20-2019, 10:52 AM
Heads up. Koreader works brilliantly on the explore. Buttons work, it's very fast, lots of font options plus you can add your own. You can add the app to the home page. There is a couple of niggles, 1. you press at the top to get the menu, if you accidently swipe down you get the inkbook top bar which you can't get rid of without exiting. 2. When you go to view your books in koreader I can't exit without choosing a book, I can't back out of the file manager.

This is so much better than the inkbook. Game changer

Also on APK pure there's a file manager called file manager by ASUS, it's very good. Simple but works brilliantly.

#49  orangpelupa 06-24-2019, 12:21 AM
for me ES File explorer, the old version (the one with ugly icon) works best. the tiles also small enough to cram tons of stuff in one screen.

anyway, i;ve contacted inkbook support, they wants me to ship the device to them. But its too much of a hassle for me (time and shipping cost), so i asked them how to disassemble the device.

its disassembled, and i put a couple of paper tape on the touch-screen IC. Now the ghost touch is almost fixed (its still randomly do ghost touch but its much rarer, and easier to stop)

#50  carltonbp 09-02-2019, 11:07 AM
Colour temp has stopped working, when on full there is no screen light so I don't think the orange LEDs are working.

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