Super Star
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Super Star is a young adult fiction book.

Since meeting the teen heartthrob one year ago, Mitch’s life has not been the same. He is certain that when the very famous Kevin Rowe had shaken his hand and looked into his eyes that there had been something unspoken between them, a connection of some sort. Every one of Mitch’s walls was adorned with posters of the international film star, and Mitch had collected anything and everything about Kevin Rowe. As a graduation gift this year, Mitch’s parents are taking him to France for the Cannes Film Festival where Kevin Rowe is making his big debut in the very first film where he is without a doubt the Super Star. When Mitch catches a glimpse of the very famous young man he idolizes, he cannot believe how much he has changed. Kevin Rowe is the most gorgeous man that Mitch has ever seen. Urged by his sister to get an autograph, Mitch feels like a star struck teen approaching his fantasy man and almost regrets coming here for the star’s biggest moment.

About the unicorn:
The unicorn is the only fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears. In even the earliest references he is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful. He could be captured only by unfair means, and his single horn was said to neutralize poison. The young gay male, like the unicorn, is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, always mysteriously beautiful, and can be captured only by unfair means.

Kevin Rowe was an international film star and in the eyes of Mitch Sorz, an international superstar. Mitch had seen every one of Kevin’s movies, and had posters of him on every wall of his bedroom. Mitch had graduated from high school this year and as a surprise, his parents were taking him to the Cannes Film Festival to see his idol in his latest film debut.

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Mitch helped pull the heavy bags out of the car. His sister came running up to them. Mitch’s mom was thrilled to see her. Mitch’s sister, Mandy, lived in Orlando, but was in college now and on her own. “This is going to be so much fun, Mom. Maybe I’ll meet a good looking French man.” Her mother hugged her. “Hey there, squirt,” she teased Mitch. “Yeah, yeah,” he answered.

Once on the plane, Mitch’s parents had another surprise. “Oh, man, are you kidding?” “Not at all. It isn’t every day that our son graduates from high school.” Mitch’s dad ruffled his son’s hair. They took their seats in the first class section of the huge Boeing 777. “I don’t remember any first class seats when I graduated,” Mandy sarcastically commented. “Well, honey, I didn’t get the bonuses then that I do now,” Mitch’s father reminded her. She rolled her eyes, and sat down beside her brother. “Hey, Mom, they still allow nude sun bathing on the French Riviera, right?” Mandy teased, trying to bait her father into one of their useless arguments. “Now, honey, don’t start.” Mandy giggled, and leaned her seat back.

Fortunately, the trip across the Atlantic didn’t seem to take as long as they thought it would, and before they knew it they were opening the door to their luxury suites in Cannes. “This is so great,” Mandy exclaimed. She and her mother were staying in one suite that was connected to another one that Mitch and his father were sharing. “They are beautiful, honey, and attached. They’re so big, honey,” she said to her husband.

Mandy pulled out her very tiny swimsuit and swung it around. “What do you think, Dad?” “It’s much too small,” her father answered. “It’s very nice, dear,” her mother said, but motioned for her to put it away. “Let’s go check things out,” Mandy said, eager to find her French man. “Go with her, Mitch.” “Oh, I see, I need a man to protect me, huh?” “Now, honey, that’s not what we meant,” her mother half lied. “Come on, kid,” Mandy said, leading the way, determined to exert her leadership.

The place was beautiful, and packed with movie stars and tourists. “Oh, look, Mitch. There’s Russell Crowe.” Mandy was definitely star struck. “Yeah, yeah.” “Oh, look, Mitch, I think that’s Kevin Rowe. Damn, he has really changed since last year.” Mandy dipped her sunglasses to get a good look. Mitch’s mouth fell open. Kevin was gorgeous. He sure has changed a lot more than I have since last year, Mitch thought, suddenly feeling much younger than his eighteen years. Mandy was right. There were girls all around Mitch’s dream guy, trying to get as close to him as they possibly could. “Wow, Mitch, look at the security that kid’s got.” “Hey, he’s my age. He’s not a kid.” “Whatever. Come on, Mitch, let’s get a closer look.”

If anyone knows of a young adult who would like a copy of the young adult books from Beau to Beau, in paperback form, please e-mail me at I would be happy to furnish one to these young people who may or may not have role models in their lives.

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