Content Server & IIS
#1  tracy39 12-07-2019, 03:28 PM
Hi all

Looking for some inspiration if possible.
I am using Calibre and really love it. I just share it with my family online so its great. I am hosting my calibre on no-ip domain, which offers free hosting, however they do not support SSL, and I know the day is coming when the browsers will looks for https only, and I am trying to get ready in advance.

I can see there is instructions for Apache and nginx, but for a complete newbie, and with running windows 10, I would prefer to go down the IIS route. I just wonder if anyone has instructions how to setup calibre through iis, install cert, and do reverse proxy from my calibre and no-ip website.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, or would I be better to go down the Apache or nginx route ?

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