I'm Working On That
#1  mikeguru 07-19-2003, 04:08 PM
Since I'm new to, I thought I'd start by giving you MHO about an interesting and entertaining "eBook" I've been reading, rather than jump right in to the more "technical" side of this site and it's forums.

The book I'm referring to is titled "I'm Working On That", by William Shatner. That's right, the ubiquitous "Captain Kirk" himself. Now before you dismiss the idea, I will tell you that he's smarter than he looks, and the movie/TV roles he has played over the years may have disguised this fact. He's also got a great sense of humor, and I just like his writing style. It's friendly, witty, and none of the ol' Kirk ego is anywhere in sight.

The book discusses many areas of science, and not surprisingly, space travel, personal computers, handheld assistants, and mobile communications are at the forefront of the first subjects discussed. Since I haven't finished it yet, it's too early for me to tell where else his observations may take me, but I like the trip so far. Seems apropos to many of the discussions that might show up here on, again, IMHO.

If memory serves, I purchased this along with several other titles on the link I found at PalmGear's "eBooks" area of their web site. There are some free Doc readers available, and there are several "trial" eBooks available, and many more "freebies". If you're a seasoned handheld user, you probably already are familiar with eBooks. If you're new, then I highly recommend them.

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