#1  jgould1981 12-04-2019, 05:22 PM

I'm Jocelyn and I love to read (Though not as much as I used to, I can't seem to focus any more...) I own one and a half EReaders, (A kindle Keyboard and a broken Sony PRS-505)

The late PRS-505 suffered complications while surgery was preformed to replace the battery. I ordered another one from ebay which should be here next week.

I read all sorts of stuff (except romance, never really got into it) I'm more into modern scifi (stuff that could happen now or in the near future) and apparenly YA novels even though I'm not a teenager any more...

#2  issybird 12-05-2019, 06:27 AM
Hi Jocelyn and welcome! We cater to all tastes, whether in reading or gadgets.

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