A thoroughly enjoyable scifi thriller
#1  ZGottlieb 11-02-2019, 05:38 PM
I just finished Demarco’s "Into Armageddon (Ruler of Ashes)," Its a thoroughly enjoyable scifi thriller. IMHO, Demarco’s story and story-telling are on par with those of Stephen King and Michael Crichton.

The book starts at a slow burn, with a group of misguided individuals possessed of warped ideals, resources and the support of the government set on changing the world to their view of "better." The heat builds. Over time, their project becomes more twisted as they gradually lose control of the biological weapons they developed. I found myself fully engrossed by the story as it exploded into a worldwide Armageddon. Small groups of people band together to survive not just the destruction, but also the perpetrators --who are not done wreaking destruction-- as they take over the world.

DeMarco does a great job creating characters who are as real as people we all know. His descriptions of military equipment and techniques is on target, adding to the story's realism. Yet his story is more than collection of tools and techniques; he serves up a story with multiple strands of conflict. The characters are forced to take desperate measures to survive what had been unthinkable and work together to rebuild their lives and their country. The rebuilding sets the stage for further conflict as different groups struggle to shape the future to match their respective but disparate visions.

In sum, it’s an enjoyable survival story that that shows the reader a variety of pathways toward different visions of future.

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