Is it possible to export sqlite3 kindle ebooks to PDF?
#1  Corsari 09-06-2019, 09:50 AM
Hello to all the community

I provide the reason of my question.

On Amazon I have purchased a Kindle format book. It is available only kindle format, no paper, no PDF no other e-reader format, otherwise I would have purchased it in paper edition.

In few words, I prefer paper. Also the PDF ones, I go to some printing shop and print them, expecially technical manuals.

At amazon they say you can only read it on kindle or online ( or on the mobile app,

no way to export it to PDF or to print it unless you don't print every page or make screenshots

Does KOReader allow to open a contemporary kindle book and to export it to PDF?

Thank you

#2  Ken Maltby 09-06-2019, 10:12 AM
KOReader, calibre, and most programs that convert to PDF, will not work with files that contain DRM measures. Once the DRM is removed, there are more options.


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