InkPad 3: Cannot write to internal memory or SD
#1  Ependy 01-10-2021, 11:23 AM

It is no longer possible to write to the internal memory or SD-card of my InkPad 3 through PC/USB.

When I try to transfer a file, it gets stuck on 'calculating'. When I try and make a new file on the SD or internal memory (using creat new -> Folder/Document) my entire explorer.exe gets stuck. Only way to solve it is

It used to be that the InkPad would often lose connection during the transfer constantly, but since today I cannot write to either anymore. Also takes minutes for the SD and internal memory to be reachable/recognized by explorer.exe.

Reformat has been done on both internal memory and SD. Problem remains identical. Tried initiating transfer on 3 different devices, but it remains the same.

Anyone got any idea? Been looking it up for hours now, and I cannot seem to find anyone with this issue.

Not hopeful at all, but thanks in advance.

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