Touch Authors with Middle Names/Multiple Initials not Displaying Correctly in Library
#1  PFunk007 12-29-2020, 07:05 PM
Hi! Hoping someone can help me with the following issue:

On my Nook (Glowlight Plus 7.8"), authors with middle names or initials aren't displaying properly in the Library.

For example, "Arthur Conan Doyle" (Author sort: "Doyle, Arthur Conan") simply appears as Arthur Doyle and "J. K. Rowling" (Author sort: "Rowling, J. K.") appears as J. Rowling.

I think this is a Nook issue (and not a Calibre issue) for two reasons:

1) I uploaded the same files to an older Kindle and they displayed properly (full author name).

2) On the Nook itself, when I go into the "View Details" page of an individual book, the full author's name is listed correctly (including middle name/initial), which leads me to believe the metadata is transferring properly from Calibre to the Nook. It appears the author's name is only truncated in the Nook's "Library" section

Thank you in advance for your help with this! (it's been driving me nuts)

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