can't deregister Nook Classic
#1  willaful 11-22-2020, 03:10 AM
My Nook Touch has gotten too old and funky to be worth using, so I want to deregister it and donate it to e-waste.

Unfortunately, one of its funky traits is not being able to tell that I'm connected to the network. It tells me I'm connected and I see the full bars, but then it continually tells me that I can't deregister because I'm not connected.

I don't want to just toss it in the trash -- any ideas how I can get it wiped? Do big magnets still work?

Tried: turning it off. Changing networks. Logging into my B&N account (which just tells me to do it on the Nook. )

#2  willaful 11-22-2020, 03:56 AM
I just found another thread about this issue:

so I'm giving that solution a try. Perhaps my nook will even be vaguely usable if it works! If not, I need that big magnet....

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