I'm curious...
#41  Ripplinger 10-20-2020, 10:42 PM
Thanks for the heads up about that series. Now I'm even more curious about it and might start it after my current series, which is Cormoran Strike (and I'm sorry I took so long to get to this series, I'm enjoying it).

#42  Paperbackstash 10-23-2020, 11:48 AM
It depends on the series or type of books. Usually with mysteries I don't and draw them out. If it's something like a romance series or paranormal that I'm really into it, I'll read it all at once.

#43  Freeshadow 10-26-2020, 03:04 AM
binge - that's why I love ebooks.

#44  DuskyRose 10-28-2020, 10:50 PM
Mostly binge. It can depend on how much action/adventure/thriller they are.

If they're hard hitting and action packed, I'll take a break after three or so. Most have the action with a slow time between for the characters to rest, but if I binge on them I can feel burned out.

OTOH, some cozy mysteries are nice and relaxed. So relaxed that after three or so I feel the need to pause for something a bit more exciting.

I have the Eve Dallas series, and at one point had read up to 10. I'll need to restart when I dive back in, but I don't think I'll binge the whole thing. But I did start the Barbara Hambly's "Benjamin January" series and HAD to read all 18 books and five short stories in a row, because I was just too caught up with the character and the setting to move on.

So it really just depends.

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