Horror Rolfe, Frederick: The Weird of the Wanderer, IMP, v.1, 18 Nov 2007.
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Frederick William Rolfe (also known under the pseudonym of Baron Corvo)
The Weird of the Wanderer:
Being the Papyrus Records of Some Incidents in One of the Previous Lives of Mr. Nicholas Crabbe.

Nicholas Crabbe attempts some invocations of Egyptian deities. Things go wrong and he finds himself reliving a past life as Odysseus and marrying Helen of Troy.

The author was a very strange person (see A J A Symons’ ‘The Quest for Corvo’ for a biography). The author’s style is also pedantic and curious, with unusual spellings, odd transliteration from the Greek and many made-up words.

His best book is ‘Hadrian the Seventh’ but this is not yet available in an online version.
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