Fantasy Naylor, James Ball: Witch Crow and Barney Bylow (illus). v1. 06 Jan 2021
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Witch Crow and Barney Bylow
By James Ball Naylor (1860-1945)
Illustrated by Carll B. Williams (1881–1928)

Young Barney Bylow, a farmer’s son, feeling ill-used and over-worked, decides to run away to the city where he can be rich. On the way he meets a peculiar old lady (or is she really that odd crow he saw earlier?) who gives him an enchanted penny — “You’ll never have more, you’ll never have less…” Ah! Now some strange adventures await!

James Ball Naylor (1860-1945), one of the most well-known authors in America at the turn of the twentieth century, wrote poetry, novels, short stories, and children’s books. A country doctor in Ohio, he was also a political force, as a candidate as well as a newspaper columnist and speaker.

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