#1  Lyndilsaid 10-22-2020, 12:15 PM
I recently discovered that qurickLogic introduced the infinite canvas feature with its newest device (Papyr). This is for me a game changer in terms of productivity honestly. I already knew it from other applications like squid (android device) or zoomnote (ipad). in an unlimited canvas it is easier to compare arguments and you can write with much more freedom and it is fundamental for true mind mapping. However i have serious doubts that onyx will decide to develop this function of their will if we don’t require it. I therefore requested it as a feature (suggestion) in their official forum, as an alternative to a normal page (so that it is possible to choose between one or the other function). However, I fear that it is not an easy feature to develop, for this reason I ask those who share my thoughts to express themselves in favor and support this request please. The more people ask for it, the more likely it is to be realized. the post is on general discussion; "feature request: infinite canvas”. For who don’t know the forum this is the link...

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