Interested In macOS Sigil Testing for next release?
#1  KevinH 10-15-2020, 12:30 PM
I am looking for someone who is willing to use a pre-release version of Sigil on macOS to test it more rigorously than I can due to my time constraints over the next two weeks.

Testing would hopefully be extensive, reporting back any issues found as soon as noted so that we have time to track them down and get them fixed before the actual release. Testing will hopefully include running a number of popular plugins and reporting back any issues. As well as confirming bug fixes for pixelated icons, Add Existing issues with links to other external xhtml files, etc.

In addition to regular testing, we are also looking for feedback on both ways of doing multiple language spellchecking that will appear in the next release and testing of the new ability to select among different icon themes for Sigil and the new support for custom icons themes.

If you are an experienced user of Sigil on macOS and are willing to put a pre-release version of Sigil through its paces and report back over the next week or two, please pm KevinH here on Mobileread and I can pm you back with a link to a Travis CI pre-release build for macOS.



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