Pocketbook Touch HD 3 Found Like This
#1  bozobon 10-12-2020, 06:05 PM
Here are some pictures of my Pocketbook Touch HD 3 after I took them out of my bag this morning. There wasn't anything sharp or heavy that could damage it, and I can't seem to be able to do anything besides turning the frontlight on and off by holding the button to the farthest right. Please help if you have an idea of how to fix it. Sorry, I had to put the pics in a zip file cuz they were too large.
[zip] (5.29 MB, 59 views)

#2  twowheels 10-12-2020, 06:46 PM
Can you resize them to attach them directly?

I haven't seen the images yet, but if it looks anything like these, it's probably a broken substrate: ari&rls=en&sxsrf=ALeKk03CKJtLCjU4n7X6_VoAfcxD6cX7o A:1602539191913&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahU KEwjy3Jbag7DsAhVYrZ4KHSrLAooQ_AUoAnoECBsQBA&biw=13 70&bih=789

#3  bozobon 10-12-2020, 08:29 PM
Here is the image, I was able to compress it.

#4  bozobon 10-12-2020, 08:47 PM
Even if it was a broken substrate, how would that affect it turning on and opening books and such? I feel like the screen would just be affected, but I can't open books or anything, it just shows the Pockebook screen like it does when turned off.

#5  twowheels 10-12-2020, 09:01 PM
Yeah, the ragged break along the bottom right is indicative of a broken substrate, which has apparently also compromised the connector, indicated by the row/column failures, which would also explain why the touch sensor isn't working.

If you can find a cheap replacement screen, it can probably be fixed, but probably not worth the effort.

#6  bozobon 10-12-2020, 09:08 PM
How would this have happened?

#7  twowheels 10-12-2020, 09:15 PM
The substrate is a very thin piece of glass. If you were carrying it in a backpack, then something else could have squeezed it or a shock when putting the bag down or bumping it on a door frame. The initial damage could have been a few days ago, and then thermal stress (heating expansion/cooling contraction) caused it to spread -- hard to say without having followed you around.

If you want a reader that's more durable, the newer flexible plastic Mobius substrates are more durable, but I think they're only available in the larger readers.

#8  rkomar 10-14-2020, 11:32 AM
Because ereaders are thin, it's not hard to twist or bend the case and break the glass substrate inside. I suspect twisting breaks are far more common than striking breaks.

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