Dictionary for PocketBook Touch HD 3
#1  adiel98 10-05-2020, 02:01 PM
I have a PocketBook Touch HD 3
And I want to add an English-Hebrew dictionary.
Is there a place where you can download dictionaries and add to the device?

#2  EastEriq 10-06-2020, 04:14 AM
Dictionaries in general, there are many dedicated threads here, for example and, or like this for KOReader.

Hebrew-anything dictionaries I'm not aware of anything free and even usable around there, I'd be curious to know too. The only thing which occurred to me was to wait for Asaf Bartov to finish his daunting transcription of the Ben Yehuda and to see about its conversion.

#3  EastEriq 10-06-2020, 04:28 AM
Non free and not for PB (possible to convert??), just looking up some samples:

Another idea I had while looking up, is to check if one of the few resources online (like those linked here allows mass download, and then look into conversion.

Then I'm sure that you could get the pdf of any of the uncountable biblical dictionaries published in the 18 and 19th century, but that doesn't qualify as a solution in my view.

ETA: oh, if it is about pdfs there are even not bad ones, e.g. guageErnestKlein1987OCR

all linked at the lexilogos page. I principle they are OCRd, but I wouldn't trust the result at all.

#4  EastEriq 10-06-2020, 05:03 AM
And following this thread:
Maybe you could look into converting one of his kindle .prcs, but they are both said to have serious layout issues.

#5  EastEriq 10-06-2020, 01:27 PM
Ok here you go. What I did:
  1. got lingoes compiled dictionaries from
  2. decompiled them with kdictionary-lingoes (lingoes-converter didn't work for me - crashed on records somewhere along the way). Note: the encoding for English is UTF-8 and that for Hebrew UTF-16LE.
  3. I mass search-replaced = with tab in the resulting txt files
  4. converted the txt files to StarDict format with pyglossary
This is almost good enough for KOReader. The complaint is that since all tags are removed, formatting is lost, and often space is missing between phonetics, grammatical and definition. I could have used --disable-trim at step 2., but then I would have had to work out all replacements for the tags which are quite nonstandard (like e.g. <H J="rtl">, <Ò>, etc., possibly an artefact of the converter)

For the stock reader, you may ask in the conversion forum for a .dic. I'm curious what comes out with bidi.
[zip] (3.02 MB, 30 views)
[zip] (1.95 MB, 31 views)
[zip] (1.21 MB, 30 views)

#6  EastEriq 10-06-2020, 06:31 PM
And these are probably a bit better, I used --disable-trim and the following substitution rules to kill all tags but <U> (used for grammar), <M> (sillabation, phonetic) <L> (resolve abbreviation) and <F> (acception)

# remove most of the tags but not all from lingoes hebrew dictionaries
cat $1 |\ sed -e "s|<U>|<br\><i>|g" \ -e "s|</U>|</i> |g" \ -e "s|<M>| <b>|g" \ -e "s|</M>|</b> |g" \ -e "s|<F>|<br\>‣|g" \ -e "s|</F>| |g" \ -e "s|<L>| •|g" \ -e "s|</L>| |g" \ -e "s|<[/]*[NCIÒ]>||g" \ -e "s|<H>|<span>|g" \ -e 's|<H J="rtl">|<span dir="rtl">|g' \ -e 's|<H J="rtl" />||g' \ -e 's|<H />||g' \ -e "s|</H>|</span>|g" \ -e 's|\\\"|״|g' \ -e "s|&gt;&gt;|←|g" \
> $2
ETA: Still within the lines of plain substitutions and not a real XML parser, I've improved a little the treatment of tags, for a better formatting in KR, and caused pyglossary to recognise correctly the dictionary languages. The remaining issue I see is a bidi one, parentheses around Hebrew text in the Hebrew-English dictionary are misplaced, even if they fall inside a <span dir="rtl"></span>
[zip] (10.28 MB, 21 views)

#7  EastEriq 10-07-2020, 05:54 PM
And finally, I gave a try to Markismus' script (wow, it worked practically out of the box!)
Here are the .dics:

ETA: replaced html entities like &amp; &quot; not digested by the stock app
[zip] (5.50 MB, 18 views)
[zip] (2.21 MB, 18 views)
[zip] (3.26 MB, 19 views)

#8  EastEriq 10-12-2020, 01:59 PM
Doh, I imagine (haven't checked) that they were originally Babylon dicts. Stardicts are already on, in company of tens of others. Didn't know that bounty site.... Anyway, I learned something in the process.

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