User Interface Plugin Creation & Development Process
#1  ldolse 11-04-2011, 06:33 AM
Plugin Development
The Official Plugin Tutorial is here.
Plugin Developer API Documentation is located here.

Access the plugin folder by going to Calibre Preferences:
Miscellaneous -> 'Open Calibre Configuration Directory'

At a high level, developing and testing changes to a user interface plugin requires these steps:
  1. Create/Update Plugin
  2. Zip the plugin, replacing the original file
  3. Restart Calibre
  4. Test, Rinse & Repeat

Thankfully all that logic can be done while Calibre is running with a single command line:
 calibre -s; sleep 4s; zip -R /path/to/plugin/zip/ *; calibre

Publishing Your Plugin
Check the spoilers in Kiwidude's post in the Plugin Index.

Basic Introduction / End User Info
See Kiwidude's Sticky in the Plugins Sub-forum.

Discuss this sticky here.

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