MobileRead Week in Review: 01/02 - 01/09
#1  Alexander Turcic 01-09-2005, 07:03 AM
Welcome to another digest entry of MobileRead, where we transform the profound into the bite-sized.

New Mobileread RSS feeds - Pick and mix!

E-Book Webstores
20% discount for books from 'Diesel eBooks'
Fictionwise Free Nebula Nominees

General Chat
6 more Gmail invites
Bill Gates -- Supports Strong Intellectual Rights Laws
Engadget Awards 2004 Winners
Gadgets are no longer just for geeks...
Praise for PalmAddicts
WM2005 better but not enough? - and other predictions

iSilo/X V4.2 released

New Links
PdaMobileWeb - mobile web index

Other E-Book Resources
Metacritic Books reviews
Read e-books through RSS feeds

Other Gadgets
Another Pocketable Screen Projector
Benchmark test of new 2GB SD cards
Hi-Speed Internet For Your Car
Hitachi's "Mikey" and "Slim" miniature drives
Sony introduces Memory Stick Pro with 4GB

Pocket PC
Egress V2.01 RSS-client for PPC released
IM+ Instant Messenger for free at Handango
Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8 released
New BetaPlayer 0.095d test build available
Solitaire for Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 2005 aka Magneto insider news

Portable Audio/Video
Archos PMA400 video player debuts at CES'05
iPod Flash player days away

BenQ's "Treo-Killer" P50 will appear this spring
Mobile phones with Toshiba harddrives?
PDA and Phone Convergence - Consumers don't really want it
Pocket PC and Smartphones Will Merge

Sunrise 0.40-pre4 released
Sunrise 0.40-pre7 released - more bugfixes

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