MobileRead Week in Review: 12/26 - 01/02
#1  Alexander Turcic 01-02-2005, 07:00 AM
In case you've missed any MobileRead news from this week, here is our usual roundup:

ubook 0.9b e-book reader available

Mobileread RSS Tweaks

Current E-Books Trends
New battleground for 2005: the e-book

E-Book Readers
Bookeen answers regarding Cybook review

E-Book Webstores
Fictionwise 20% discount - one day left
Mobipocket eBookstore Holiday sale, last day

Other E-Book Resources
CCEL Christian Ebook Library
Project Wittenberg

Other Gadgets
Video Projection with PDAs!

Font Collector - converts fonts for your Palm device
Linux announcement may mark the end of Palm OS (Sunrise author)

Pocket PC
MorphGear now free and open-source
Naval Ship Warfare and Mario Docker for PPC
PalmOS to Pocket PC: Part II - Conversion
PocketRSS V2.0.15 out
PocketScumm V0.7 released
Resco products 30% discount till 12/31/04
Tom's Hardware reviews the Dell Axim X50v

Portable Audio/Video
Archos PMA400 video player to be showcased soon
Stream music to your Airport Exress from anywhere

Cabir source code slips out - mutants to be expected

News on Sunrise 0.40 pre2
Sunrise 0.40 pre3 bugfix release

WiFi / Bluetooth Technologies
WiFi-enabled PDA doesn't affect pacemakers

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