MobileRead Week in Review: 12/12 - 12/19
#1  Alexander Turcic 12-19-2004, 07:00 AM
In case you've missed any MobileRead news from this week, here is our usual roundup:

AvantGo 5.7 Production Release available
AvantGo new support site
Free AvantGo memory upgrade from 2MB to 3MB

Essay on status quo of mobile web browsing

Current E-Books Trends
Google Print: earth's largest searchable library

E-Book Readers
Hi-res e-paper is a feast your eyes
Sony Librie Firmware upgrade

General Chat
Thank You For Being a MobileRead Reader!!!

New Links
Skyweezer - free gateway for mobile browsers

Another View of PalmSource's Future
Avantgo/Microsoft gives away free Palm/PPC game
Insider reveals: What Does "Palm OS for Linux" Mean?
PalmOne shares drop on Q2 results & Q3 forecast
Review: Trooper (Now Low Heap Version!)
Wi-Fi SD card support on your Treo 650

Pocket PC
BetaPlayer 0.095 with aac and mp4 support
PocketScumm V0.7 RC available
Square screen Pocket PC Devices, Like Treo?

Portable Audio/Video
Apple is suing to protect its "innovative products"

Sunrise 0.40 pre1 released

WiFi / Bluetooth Technologies
FCC approves cheaper WiFi technology on planes

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