MobileRead Week in Review: 12/05 - 12/12
#1  Alexander Turcic 12-12-2004, 07:23 AM
In case you've missed any MobileRead news from this week, here is our usual roundup:

Site maintenance - first phase complete

Current E-Books Trends
Digital Flip: Flip your e-book like a paper book
NYT: How e-books come to mainstream

E-Book Readers
Finally official addon software for Sony Librie
Software to convert content for Gemstar devices

E-Book Webstores
eReader "free" e-books a hoax? complete december promo list

General Chat
PC Mag's "Not So Top 10" gadget list

iSilo/X V4.2 Beta 2 released

Other E-Book Resources
Google "e-book store"
Support Writing On Your Palm

Other Gadgets
2GB SD flash cards announced
PocketSurfer - PDA dedicated to websurfing
Sony promises more power for our mobile gadgets

palmOne Expert Guides
Palmsource to port PalmOS to Linux
Treo 650 audio quality problems

Portable Audio/Video
iPod Flash - Mini Mini?
iPods hacked with customized fonts and graphics!
Teac's new MP-2000 5Gb MP3-player

Sexy Xda II mini PPC Smartphone
Skype soon in every Windows-powered Smartphone?

WiFi / Bluetooth Technologies
Wireless Librarian lists library hotspots

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