MobileRead Week in Review: 11/07 - 11/14
#1  Alexander Turcic 11-14-2004, 08:11 AM
In case you've missed any MobileRead news from this week, here is our usual roundup:

Avantgo is still doing well
Avantgo server trouble?

Book Links
'Diesel eBooks' bookstore opens - 20% discount
eBookwise launched

Book Reader Hardware
Sony Librie MakeLFR - now with Graphic support

Emerging Technologies
Paris Hilton actually using her Sidekick II toy
Roaming Wifi
With UniFi-1, WiFi in PDAs soon standard?

Game Reviews
Astraware Mazera 1.0

General Chat
Do pretty girls ride the subway?
eBayFeed 1.12 - eBay non-US fixed
eBook Culture: Ready to read e-books
Essay: The Future of E-Books
Firefox 1.0 released today!
Gmail officially POP3 enabled!
Recycle your PDA at Staples
Skin It!
Tablet PCs from ancient days...

General Palm Discussion
"A Very Bad Quarter for the Palm OS"
20% discount on game 'Jack or 100 Ways to Barbecue'
Agendus Pro 9.0 Beta for Palm OS available
palmOne Tungsten T5 spotted for $319
palmOne Tungsten T5 spotted for $349
US CLIE Developer Support approaches an end
Which is better: Microdrive or flash memory?

General PPC Discussion
10% discount on Dell Axim handhelds
19% discount on Dell Axim X50v
Free Today Weather Plugin
HP iPAQ hx4700 JAVOSkin Case
Ramblings: SPB Full Screen Keyboard for PPC
TextMaker and PlanMaker on sale, Nov. 11th only! $11.11
Unofficial video driver gives boost to Axim X50v
Watch DVDs on your PocketPC

New Links
Exclusive: CBS 2 Mobile
Exclusive: CNET News, infoSync, TechRepublic for AvantGo & Co
Exclusive: MSNBC for Avantgo & Co
Exclusive: Slate & Inquirer for AvantGo & Co
Exclusive: Washington Times for Avantgo & Co

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