Pdf annotations in google play books
#1  euwfyrZPBP8Gop 10-16-2020, 10:46 AM
I use Google play books for as a free pocket replacement (I web clip to epub format).

I too would be useful if i could annotate my PDF files in google some pdf files I can annotate if it is free flow text?

Is it possible to convert my existing PDF's to free flow text, so I can annotate them in google play docs,

would be nice if I can have both my PDF and epub in the same program.

#2  Quoth 10-16-2020, 12:52 PM
Some Google Playstore PDF books are flowing and some are not. It's an evil format for ebooks that has encouraged many pirate scan uploads. PDFs are not really ebooks at all.
Only some technical stuff should be PDFs. Novels should be epub on Playstore, and it is the other upload choice for Publishers.

You can't have epub and PDF at the same time. Both are containers, one is for primarily reflowing ebooks and the other for proofing print jobs. Fixed layout epub is pointless, should be PDF. Flowing PDFs are an oxymoron, they should be epubs.

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