Kobo Writing Life payment
#1  franklekens 08-17-2020, 06:35 AM
About KWL's payment scheme, it says:
"Authors are paid 45 days after the end of each monthly period provided they have met a minimum threshold of $50 USD"

Now suppose you start out and sales are low. In January you sell for a profit of 15 dollars, in February for 20, and in March for 25. Does that mean that at the end of March you will be paid 60 dollars? I.e. do the profits roll over into the next month if they don't reach the threshold?

Or do they have the evil scheme that you only get paid for those months in which your profits reach that threshold?

#2  GlenBarrington 08-17-2020, 10:32 AM
You should probably ask them for clarification. Other than that, I should think the actual agreement wording would make it quite clear. If THAT is ambiguous, I'd not do business with them.

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